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Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation laws aim to protect the people who get injured while on the job. These laws have been designed to make sure that any employee who suffers an injury while performing their job must be fairly compensated for their losses.

Workers’ compensation, generally, is regarded as a substitute for any lawsuit filed by an employee against their employer. Under such circumstances, because the law does not allow the employee to sue his or her employer, the employee is entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. As with any other type of injury case, its imperative to be represented by an experienced injury attorney to assure that you are granted full financial compensation.

You must remember that even after filing a workers’ compensation claim, you may have to bring a lawsuit in case the injuries you sustained were not caused by the employer, but instead were caused by the actions or negligence of another person (referred to as a third party claim).

The Types of Injuries that Workers’ Compensation Covers

If you are involved in any work related accident and sustain any injuries, you might be entitled to qualify for benefits. The following list includes multiple examples of injuries that can result in compensation:

  • Any pre-existing medical condition that was aggravated, worsened or accelerated due to an accident or incident within the workplace (e.g., a chronic back injury that becomes much worse due to a lifting injury at work).
  • Some injuries caused during lunch hours, breaks, or during work-sponsored activities.
  • Medical conditions, such as repetitive injury conditions, that are caused due to constant exposure to harmful elements present in the workplace (such as carpal tunnel syndrome).
  • Many injuries that result from physical strain that has been brought on by increasing workload.

Injuries Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation

There are still a certain number of injuries that are not compensated for under the workers’ compensation system. Different state courts have varying opinions about whether an employee should receive compensation for injuries that were sustained during horseplay at the working facility. Many states (including Maryland) do not allow compensation for workers who were intoxicated when they sustained the injury. If an employee happens to leave the work facility for a personal errand, and ends up getting injured, he/she often will not be eligible to receive workers’ compensation.

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