Maryland Erb’s Palsy Lawyers

Erb’s Palsy is a birth condition that may result from a physician’s neglect during the delivery stage. Erb’s palsy is caused by stress on the upper arm of the fetus, which damages the nerves, and leads to paralysis. As a result, the arm experiences limited mobility. The victim may also experience little to no sensation in the affected arm due to complete loss of all muscle control.

Treatment of Erb’s Palsy can require extensive surgeries. With the rising costs of healthcare and limited medical insurance coverage, the treatment is becoming unaffordable for many. Multiple surgeries may be followed by months of rehabilitation and muscle training courses that make this condition even more expensive.

Understanding Erb’s Palsy

The first thing to know about Erb’s Palsy is that it is often the result of a medical malpractice – meaning, inexperience and/or negligence at the time of birth, at the hands of physicians, staff, or nurses which lead to this deformity. There are three main causes of Erb’s Palsy:

  • At the time of delivery, the physician improperly estimates the weight of the fetus
  • The physician does not perform a C-Section, even though it is necessary
  • Excessive force is applied by the physician when pulling out the baby from the womb

How do Lawyers Help?

Medical malpractice lawsuits may take several years or even longer. In such instances, an experienced Erb’s Palsy lawyer files a lawsuit on your behalf and aggressively presents your case. Here’s how they help:


Our lawyers have extensive knowledge with regard the applicable medical malpractice laws. This helps them probe into the matter with great detail and caution.


Our lawyers have connections and access to a variety of experienced medical practitioners on this matter. This enables them to obtain expert analysis and advice on case-specific matters, ensuring the most competent legal support and assistance to the client.


Medical malpractice lawsuits are time-consuming, but can be very rewarding if ruled in favor of the victim. Since the physician, under trial, is represented by insurance companies, a finding of negligence by a judge or jury may help the victim recover millions of dollars in damages. This amount can help the palsy sufferer learn to live with the condition, and hopefully, partially recover from the ailment, without bearing any surgical or rehabilitation costs.

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