Maryland Surgical Error Lawyers

While most categories of medical malpractice result in a painful and trying situation for patients, almost none are more dangerous or cause more serious risks than surgical errors.

Surgical procedures are highly sensitive and potentially dangerous procedures that are performed by trained professionals to help their patients. However, errors during the surgical procedures can also serve as the main reason for increased patient suffering, future disability and even death.

Surgical Procedures – No Room for Errors!

While it is agreed that surgeries are complicated, there is no room for the surgical team to deviate from required standard of conduct and care. This is necessary because, otherwise innocent patients often will have to suffer and, sometimes, the loss may be irreparable.

Any suffering caused to a patient due to the negligence of a medical professional can and should be pursued and often may be needed to be taken to court. There are lawyers practicing in the profession who have the knowledge and skill to handle such cases, and have help wronged patients and their families seek justice against the responsible medical professional.

Surgical errors are possible even in the most common surgeries. Due to the sensitive nature of these procedures, it is ten times more important to follow all standard protocols and procedures and ensure faultless operations.

Surgical errors that occur during the procedure may be of different types. Some of the most common ones that are observed include:

  • Anesthesia errors where patients who have certain allergies may suffer if proper surgical standards are not met and complete patient medical history is not studied before the surgery begins.
  • Leaving a surgical instrument within a patient can be the worst and most severe mistake made by surgeons and their team. The impact it can have on a patient’s wellbeing is extensive and, along with agonizing pain, it can even worsen the condition and become fatal.
  • Accidental damage during the surgical procedure to the surrounding tissues, muscles and nerves can worsen the patient’s condition. In certain cases, death occurs due to irreparable and critical damage to sensitive organs. Internal bleeding caused by damages can also result in the death of a patient.
  • Infections contracted during the surgical procedure due to any negligence in preparing a sterilized surgery environment and failure to follow all standard procedures can worsen an already serious condition.

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