Maryland Wrongful Birth Lawyers

Wrongful birth is a legally complex concept and the statutes that define the unlawful act are quite technical and require the help of a legal professional to understand them properly. An individual who thinks that they have a valid case under the wrongful birth law must know the details first or seek the help of a lawyer who can guide them properly.

Wrongful Birth – What Is It?

There have been many cases where a couple has filed a lawsuit where they allege that their child was born with certain birth defects due to the fault of medical professionals. The basis of this allegation is that the parents were not given proper medical guidance and the baby was not provided proper treatment, which led to the birth of a child with defects.

Wrongful birth is a medical malpractice issue and can be taken to court. You will need evidence to prove the legitimacy of your claim. Such evidence includes:

  • It is important to prove that the medical professional was the patient’s doctor, and prescribed medication for them. Old medical records often serve as evidence in this case
  • A doctor breached their duty of care by misdiagnosing a potentially serious medical problem in the unborn fetus.

Parents can file a lawsuit to claim damages, which includes the medical costs and related expenses that are related to taking care of the child who was born with a serious medical defect.

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